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MobiliSENS, the project that promotes sustainable mobility
to reach shops, health services and leisure areas.

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An initiative to transform the way we move

In Quebec, as around the world, mobility is synonymous with freedom. MobiliSENS aims to be a laboratory for initiatives and innovations that will make mobility more respectful of the environment and accessible to all. This avant-garde project aims to reinvent the way we reach shops, health services and leisure areas, with a focus on mobility that respects our planet and its population.

Two parts, one mission

MobiliSENS has two main components: Enterprise and Citizen, each with its own advantages and opportunities:

  • Businesses: Promote sustainable mobility, benefit from customized diagnostics, engage in concrete projects and attract new customers with MobiliSENS.
  • Citizens: Participate in innovative projects, take advantage of promotions and experiment with new forms of mobility. The educational kits will enrich your understanding of and commitment to sustainable mobility.
Why MobiliSENS ? In Greater Montreal

In Montreal, the data reveal a marked change in commuting habits. With only 34% of daily commutes dedicated to work, the Covid-19 pandemic has clearly accelerated the trend towards telecommuting. This shift in routines has led to a significant reduction in home-to-work journeys, while encouraging an increase in trips linked to commerce, leisure and health. This transition underscores the emergence of a new urban dynamic, where flexibility and versatility of living spaces are taking center stage.

Why MobiliSENS ? In the Quebec City area

In the Quebec region, the situation is not much different. Commuting to work represents barely 30% of the total, highlighting the considerable impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on work patterns. As in Montreal, this reduction in commuting has been offset by an increase in shopping, leisure and health-related outings. This change indicates a profound transformation in lifestyle habits, testifying to rapid adaptation to new professional and personal realities.

Why MobiliSENS ? In Bas-Saint-Laurent

In the Bas-Saint-Laurent region, the challenge of accessibility to shopping, recreation, tourism and healthcare facilities is even greater, given the low population density and long distances involved. This situation highlights the strong dependence on the solo car as the primary mode of transportation. Community stakeholders note a significant impact on quality of life, local economic development and the exploitation of the region’s tourism potential. This reality raises important questions about sustainable mobility and social inclusion in these less densely populated areas.

5 great reasons to join the program

Discover the benefits of committing to more sustainable mobility today with MobiliSENS.

01. Personalized diagnosis

Adapt your mobility strategy to the specific reality of your organization or day-to-day life.

02. Awareness and support

Discover the benefits of more sustainable mobility and how to put it into practice.

03. Promotion and recognition

Stand out as a sustainable mobility player and draw attention to your commitment.

04. Mobility experiences

Immerse yourself in innovative land projects and benefit from exclusive promotions.

05. Free

The initiative, led by Coop Carbone, is financed by our cooperative partners and exceptional funding from the Ministère des Transports et de la Mobilité Durable.

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Join MobiliSENS

Places are limited: 12 companies (4 per region) and 120 citizens (40 per region) will have the opportunity to transform their approach to mobility.