Envoi Montréal

Support local merchants AND make urban logistics sustainable.

Envoi Montréal

A true co-creation with the Conseil québécois du commerce de détail (CQCD), the City of Montreal and Jalon MTL, the Envoi Montréal project is the outcome of several projects, such as our urban logistics study on the Plaza Saint-Hubert, Jalon MTL’s « Colibri » project and the CQCD’s digital shift.

The Envoi Montréal project’s vision is to offer small businesses what is available to large businesses: negotiated contracts, easy integrations and intuitive management of the shipping process, all with environmentally responsible options!

Functioning and Benefits

What are the benefits?

01. Helping local merchants sell online
  • A delivery service platform integrated to the online commerce tools;
  • All delivery services in one place;
  • Pre-negotiated wholesale agreements.
02. Develop sustainable local delivery
  • Adding decarbonated proximity delivery services;
  • Decarbonized single pickup route pilot.

Project Implementation


Envoi Montréal was created with the close collaboration of the City of Montreal, the Conseil québécois du commerce de détail (CQCD), Jalon MTL and Coop Carbone.

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