Our Members

Together, Let’s Push Forward the Communities’ Climate Action

Coop Carbone and its members contribute to federating efforts to address the climate emergency of local actors mobilized around projects that meet the needs of their communities.

User Members

Participate in the Realization of Projects in Our Communities

We are a solidarity cooperative which brings together user members who implement GHG reduction projects on the territory. These members share a common vision with Coop Carbone and are working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in order to take action on the climate emergency. Their collaborative projects also offer many benefits and bring together Quebec communities.


Support Members

Contribute to Strengthen Our Foundations in the Ecosystem

Support members who have an economic, social or cultural interest in the achievement of the cooperative’s objectives and who contribute to strengthen its roots in the community. Our support members are true pillars for the initiatives developed by pooling efforts so that, collectively, we can accelerate and concretize a green, prosperous and united recovery.

Worker Members

Deploy Sustainable Solutions and Engage Stakeholders

Our worker members are involved in the realization of various carbon footprint reduction projects and are hard at work to implement solutions that meet the needs of communities.

As key resources of the cooperative, they are the first ambassadors of our mission and devote all their knowledge and expertise to Coop Carbone’s influence in order to ensure a strong notoriety in our industries’ ecosystems.