The province of Quebec has committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions to 37.5% below 1990 levels by 2030.

To take action towards the climate emergency by supporting the implementation of collaborative projects to reduce GHG emissions.

We must collaborate and raise our ambitions to further reduce GHG emissions.

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Diversifying Our Activities

Our Sectors

Coop Carbone actively operates in three specific sectors that are complementary to the implementation of collaborative projects to reduce GHG emissions.


Development of energy cooperatives through the operation of agricultural biomethanisers.

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Sustainable Mobility

Support for the implementation of innovative, collaborative and benchmark projects in sustainable mobility to reduce negative externalities.

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Carbon Footprint

Assistance to businesses and organisations wishing to engage in the fight against climate change by reducing their GHG emissions.

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GHG Management

Business Services

We offer services such as GHG inventory, identification of innovative solutions for emissions reduction and carbon offsetting through carbon credits to stakeholders and organisations concerned about their climate footprint and the impacts of climate change on their activities.

Coop Agri-Énergie Warwick


First Agricultural Cooperative

Coop Agri-Énergie Warwick is the very first agricultural cooperative dedicated to the production of Renewable Energy (RNG) in Quebec.

Solidarity Cooperative

Our Members

We are working closely with our members to federate efforts made in various regions to create “carbon-free” territories.

About Us

Mission, Ambition and Common Values

Coop Carbone has a unique expertise in the identification, development, financing and deployment of GHG emission reduction projects.