Sustainable Mobility Accelerator

Catalyst, facilitator and multiplier of the forces necessary to optimize sustainable mobility solutions.

We put social innovation in motion.

Our Approach

Urban Laboratories and Experimental Fields in Mobility

For validating your ideas, the key factor of the MOBIS accelerator is to bring startups closer to the stakeholders through an approach focused on urban laboratories and experimentation grounds. We accelerate the deployment of innovative projects that provide solutions to the challenges of sustainable mobility by addressing the issues raised by cities and our territorial partners.

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Our Response to The Climate Emergency

Transportation accounts for half of Quebec’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and it is clear that the situation has evolved alarmingly since 1990. Therefore, it is imperative to target mobility with a lower carbon footprint that will allow us to support the initiatives developed to pool our efforts so that, collectively, we can accelerate and achieve a green, prosperous and united recovery.

The MOBIS Accelerator is in line with the vision of enabling change in sustainable mobility in Quebec, particularly through a territorial, flexible approach based on social innovation.

You wish to create, optimize or develop solutions to sustainable mobility problems? We are available to fine-tune your approach and give you the necessary momentum to reach your target and put social innovation in motion.

Support Plan

Take It to The Next Level!

When it comes to acceleration, knowing how to surround yourself with the right people is essential. You can count on our extensive expertise and our network of experts to support you in reaching your next level of development.

In symbiosis with your development phase, our support is divided into three programs based on a personalised approach.

  1. Transmission

    Sharing experimentation and refining the value proposition

    Sharing experimentation and knowledge is a factor that should not be overlooked in order to avoid the pitfalls associated with a lack of understanding of mobility issues. An accurate reading of the ecosystem encourages the implementation of solutions that adequately meet the needs of our communities. The MOBIS accelerator acts in line with the development and adoption of responsible solutions which have an impact on the fight against climate change.

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  2. G Force

    Co-development and access to specialized resources

    Co-development and networking, with relevant players for your startup, are key steps to success. These connections allow you to get a fair and enlightened look at your project. With the help of a network that is well established in the Quebec mobility ecosystem, the MOBIS accelerator is positioned as the most efficient transmission belt for the adoption of innovative mobility solutions. Our experienced resources are at work to offer you individual and distinctive support with the ultimate goal of giving you concrete tools to maximize the potential of your projects and initiatives.

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  3. Full Speed

    Experimental fields and strategic anchoring

    Experimental fields are of paramount importance in the validation and commercialisation process. Innovation trials allow for rapid confirmation of assumptions and adaptation of the orientations of subsequent steps. Because experimentation and action lead to change, with this in mind, we introduce you to the right partners and help you secure the necessary funding to make these pilot projects a reality.

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89,3 %

of startups that receive an acceleration service consider themselves in an excellent position to survive in the entrepreneurial wilderness.

Our Services

A Customized Approach, at Your Pace and Above All, According to your image

In order to shape the sustainable and intelligent mobility of tomorrow, MOBIS promotes the evolution of entrepreneurial ecosystems through three areas of intervention:

  • Network of Coaches and Experts

    UA network of partners is not only built over time, but also through the notoriety and credibility that one acquires working on various collaborative projects. This recognition enjoyed by the MOBIS team has paved the way to create a distinctive network that reflects your image.

    • Sharing of experimentation
    • Co-development of your marketing plan
    • Strategic support
    • Coach and experts dedicated to your startup
    • Networking within the mobility ecosystem
    • Expertise in regulations, logistics, urban planning, artificial intelligence, data architecture, cybersecurity, marketing, growth strategy and more!
  • Urban Laboratory and Field Projects

    The concept is simple: we accelerate the final sprint of your company’s development through pilot projects. Thanks to the numerous experimentation sites made available to you through our partners’ networks, access to this milestone is highly simplified.

    • Access to pilot projects in urban logistics
    • Data hosting services
    • Connection to buyers, investors and strategic partners
  • Flexible Program and Added Value

    The MOBIS accelerator relies on a renewed approach that puts specific support at the forefront of your company’s development. The program is flexible and focused on achieving specific goals. Its flexibility gives you more time to focus on your day-to-day operations. This way, we minimize the time of support by working with you only on what really brings you value.

    A unique approach tailored to your reality.

    • Customized coaching

    • Duration adapted to your needs

    • Flexibility of the program

    • Flexible results-oriented approach


Which projects can benefit from MOBIS acceleration services?

We accelerate the deployment of innovative projects that provide solutions to the challenges of sustainable mobility by addressing the issues raised by cities and our territorial partners in Quebec. Your solution must address one of these issues:

  • Active mobility
  • Shared and collective mobility
  • Universal mobility
  • Logistics and freight mobility
  • Energy efficiency and electrification
  • Intelligent mobility and mobility data
  • Urban development

To meet the requirements, your solution must meet certain standards:

  • Answer both a mobility problem while significantly contributing to GHG reduction;
  • Have a level of maturity (TRL between 4 and 7) so that a pilot project can be put forward within a short time frame (>6 months);
  • Align with a deployment vision for your solution/technology within the Quebec territory. However, your offices may be located outside this territory without compromising your admissibility.

How long de acceleration programs last?

Time is an essential resource for all good entrepreneurs and the complexity of your development curve requires putting the right efforts in the right places. We build a customized support plan according to your time, energy and resource constraints, in direct adequacy with the resources you can dedicate to the project and the achievement of your next level of maturity.

Thus, we can be at your side from a few weeks to several months depending on what we can bring to your project.

How much does it cost to benefit from MOBIS support?

MOBIS is fully aware that starting a business is full of obstacles and that you need to know how to optimize your time, funds and energy if you want to be able to ride the momentum of your first sales. That’s why the current programs are free of charge and accessible at all times, thanks in particular to the support of the ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation du Québec, the City of Montreal and our other partners.

Sustainable Mobility Sector

The Other MOBIS Programs

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