This summer, Coop Carbone’s Sustainable Mobility team came up with solutions to make the delivery of market garden produce less costly, less time-consuming and less polluting for three farmers who are members of L’aube, pôle nourricier.   

Les Jardins Carya, Ferme D-Trois-Pierres and Ferme du Santropol Roulant were already delivering their produce to day-care centers and public institutions in the Montreal area. But they wanted to do it better.  

With Collectif Récolte, they called on Coop Carbone’s expertise in sustainable logistics to structure a turnkey shared delivery service and make their lives easier.  


Doing more for less     

The final report put forward recommendations for action and made some promising projections:   

  • Cost savings of at least 17% ;  
  • A 15% increase in the volume of goods delivered;  
  • A 15% reduction in GHG emissions. 


It’s proof by example that pooling resources means you can do more for less.  

As a result, L’aube, a feeder cluster initiated by Collectif Récolte, now has tools for managing transport, calculating costs and calculating impact.  

Special mention goes to the startup Gomove: their software was very useful in calculating optimized, shared delivery routes.   

Also worth mentioning is the use of Quebec’s Arrivage digital platform, which enables fresh fruit and vegetables to be delivered to institutions just 24 hours after harvest.