Coop carbone | Coop Carbone - Mission, vision et valeurs
La Coop Carbone aide ses membres et ses partenaires à profiter des opportunités offertes par le marché du carbone et à réduire leurs émissions de GES au Québec. La Coop Carbone collabore avec les porteurs des meilleures technologies afin de maximiser les réductions de GES en territoire québécois et ainsi de contribuer à l’essor de l’économie verte au Québec.
Coop Carbone, émissions de GES, pour réduire ses coûts en énergie, pour réduire ses coûts en transport, pour réduire ses coûts en chauffe, pour compenser ses émissions de GES.
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Mission, vision and values


Coop Carbone helps its members and partners take advantage of the opportunities offered by the carbon market to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions in Quebec.

Coop Carbone collaborates with technology providers to maximize greenhouse gas reductions in the province and contribute to the growth of the “green economy” in Quebec.



Vision for the future
Coop Carbone was created by the Fondaction CSN, the Desjardins Group, La Coop fédérée, the Centre of Excellence in Energy Efficiency, and the Association québécoise pour la maîtrise de l’énergie (AQME) as a vehicle for organizations wishing to reduce their greenhouse gas related costs. With the acquisition in 2014 of the consultancy firm ÉcoRessources, Coop Carbone possesses solid expertise in the identification, development, financing and execution of greenhouse gas reduction projects.

In addition to this, since November 2014 Coop Carbone has been assisting fuel distributors manage their compliance with the greenhouse gas emission regulations.

ÉcoRessources is from now on a wholly owned subsidiary of Coop Carbone and will continue to offer consultancy services in natural resources economics, agri-food and environmental issues:

Coop Carbone demonstrates that the cooperative movement can be a model in the fight against climate change by bringing about a significant reduction in GHG emissions in Quebec and encouraging the engagement of all stakeholders.



Coop Carbone, as a cooperative, embodies the values of democracy, transparency, sustainability and responsibility.
Coop Carbone abides by the seven cooperative principles of the International Cooperative Alliance:

  • Voluntary and open membership
  • Democratic member control
  • Member economic participation
  • Autonomy and independence
  • Education, training and information
  • Cooperation among cooperatives
  • Concern for community

Coop Carbone is dedicated to pursuing the values of innovation and excellence in the services it provides to its members.