Coop carbone | Compliance Services
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Compliance Services

Since January 1, 2015, hydrocarbon distributors in Quebec are subject to greenhouse gas regulations (the SPEDE). This means that they must purchase emissions allowances (or other eligible instruments) to cover the GHG emissions associated with the consumption of certain of the products they distribute. They can seek to reclaim the costs tied to acquiring emissions instruments via prices in the fuels markets that they participate in. 

Coop Carbone can assist fuel distributors’ compliance management efforts, through one of two options:

  • Integrated management of the emissions position associated with the regulations
  • Access to low-price alternative emissions instruments: offsets and allowances produced by emission reduction projects Coop Carbone’s members and others develop

Regardless of the option selected, the service offers distributors three main advantages:

  • Facilitating the management of their compliance with the carbon regulations, a process that can be fairly complex, through the specialized expertise of Coop Carbone
  • Reducing compliance costs by accessing projects aimed at reducing GHG emissions
  • Participating in emission reduction projects that will generate economic benefits for Quebec